:: The 2008 International Conference
on e-Society
March 27-29, 2008,       Bangkok, Thailand ::


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Registration Instruction

The registration fee of the e-Society 2008 conference is US$300 for each paper registered before January 30, 2008 or US$350 after January 30, 2008. Each paper should be registered at least by one author; otherwise it will be regarded as withdrawn automatically.


In case that the paper is multi-authored and more than one author would like to participate in the conference, each author needs to make registration and pay the registration fee separately; US$300 for each author before January 30, 2008 or US$350 after January 30, 2008.


The registration fee includes conference attendance, two luncheons and coffee breaks for the duration and one copy of the conference proceedings in CD-ROM format. Notably, the registration fee must be received by January 30, 2008 to assure conference participation.

Please go to the conference website and log in the system to register. You will find the following three methods are provided for your convenience to pay your registration fee. Thank you very much.

Telegraphic Transfer (T.T.)
Account Name: Knowledge Association of Taiwan
Account Number: 21132233028100
Bank Address: Ta Chih Branch, 589, Pei An Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Swift Code: CCBCTWTP508

e-Society 2008 conference adopts the service of PayPal.com, a company of eBay, for credit card payment. If you want to use this method, please make sure your credit card has enough credit limits in PayPal to pay your registration fee. This credit limit is set by PayPal rather than your credit card bank. That is, PayPal will authorize the credit limit of your card to use in their system. If your credit limit that PayPal authorize to your card does not exceed US$300, you will fail to pay by this method. At that time, PayPal will ask you to become a member and do the credit card user verification process. Once you pass the process for the card you want to use in PayPal, then you can use it without any limit from PayPal. PayPal is a company providing online credit card payment service to a lot of worldwide online transactions.

Taiwan ATM Transfer
If you live in Taiwan, you can use ATM to transfer registration fee to us. Following is the conference transfer bank account.

Should you have any questions regarding your registration? Please feel free to contact the conference treasurer, Dr. Ta-Wei Hung, at twhung@mail.usc.edu.tw